Sum Surveyor

Sum Surveyor

Dan Perreira
“You know, if you add Craig Frilling’s age and my age, we’re still not as old as Tony.”

There’s no need to repeat the fact that Tony is really old. We all know that by now. Instead, we might consider what we would get if we added up the skills and traits of Choice One field surveyors Dan Perreira and Craig Frilling. Indeed, what we might get if we added up any two people here at Choice One?

Let’s imagine what might result from a few Choice One equations, shall we?

  • OSU alum Michael Seeger + UM enthusiast Tyler Thobe = An Ohio State alum/fan who LOVES Michigan.
  • 10-year dance lesson veteran Brittany Clinehens + clumsy, goofily-limbed Kaye Borchers = A dancer who can’t control her arms and legs.
  • Fast food fan Brian Schmidt + tacos in her “briefcase” Caray Schmiesing = A box full of Arby’s and Starburst.
  • Shopping extraordinaire Holly Fannon + penny-pincher Allen Bertke = An avid shopper who doesn’t spend a dime.

Anyhow, back to the original question: what might we get if we combine Dan and Craig? A field surveyor squared? A SUPER field surveyor? Nah. As Ryan Francis might say: “If you’d combine the powers of Craig and Dan, you’d get someone almost as awesome as me.”