Craig Eley:

“I bring in an apple a day. Next company meeting quiz I’m going to put it on Tony’s desk to hopefully get an A.”

If Choice One were an elementary school, clearly Craig’s actions would obviously get him voted Teacher’s Pet. Company quiz buttering-up is probably the only reason Craig rides a bicycle like Tony, too. Brown-noser!


So what would Choice One Elementary be like? Well, with 30-ish engineers and surveyors around here (not to mention a couple of accountants), it’s no surprise that Math is the favorite subject. Likewise, Spelling, Grammar, English, or anything else relating to the articulation of words would be the least favorite subject.* Art Class would elicit practical straight lines and squares, no curves or circles. Nap time would never be contested. Snack time would never be missed. And recess would consist of endless rounds of Red Light/Green Light.


To close, with Craig Eley clearly the Teacher’s Pet, we know you’re all wondering “who is the Teacher’s Pest?” Based on his tendency to have incorrect opinionsconcerning important extracurricular activities such as WhirlyBall, it would likely be Matt Hoying. And Class Clown? Jeff Puthoff, big shoes and all.


*Unless you’re Kaye, for whom Spelling, Grammar, and English are all amazing.