Out of Office Interoffice Email Response: Ryan J. Lefeld:

“I have made the ill-advised decision to take the plunge into the married life. As a result, I will be grieving and out of the office from March 20th to March 30th. In my absence, please forward all condolences and project related questions to Mitch Thobe,”  

Ryan forgot to set his “Out of Office” message before leaving on his honeymoon a few months back… which left a ripe opportunity for us to tell everyone how he REALLY feels about his recent nuptials.

Ryan really is going to be “out of the office” in the very near future—as in out of the Sidney office. Don’t worry, he’s not fired (yet). Choice One Engineering is opening a third office manned by the newlywed himself in Portland, Indiana. Hook up the oxen and stock up the covered wagon—Choice One is expanding westward!

Based on his smile above, Ryan looks pretty happy. Not only does he have a lovely new bride (although her hands DO seem to be closing suspiciously around his neck), he’s encircled by delightful Choice One ladies*. Encircled, entrapped… to-may-toe, to-mah-toe. Best wishes with all that, Ryan.

*In case you’re interested, from left to right meet Becky (Jeff) Puthoff, Amanda (Matt) Hoying, Brittany Clinehens, Megan Bornhorst, Kaye Borchers, the new Mrs. Diana Lefeld, Lauren Fogt (Allan Heitbrink’s fiancé), Andrea Holthaus (Michael Seeger’s fiancé), Kecia Flaute, and Jayme (Wes) Goubeaux.