Inevitable Change

Inevitable Change

“Diaper Genies and wipe warmers…it’s a whole new world!

-Nick Sanders


Choice One Engineering recently held its first ever baby shower for Administrative Assistant Brittany Clinehens. Believe it or not, in our 17-year history we’ve never had a pregnant employee. As you might guess, Nick was commenting on a few “luxury items” that obviously weren’t available to him when his children were young.


We’ve probably all heard our elders “reminisce” about walking to school in six-feet of snow, uphill both ways. But the truth of the matter is that each generation feels, perhaps due to new technology or apathy, the subsequent generation has it easier. Whether or not this proclamation is true, there is one constant for each generation, new and old: change.


Change is always inevitable, often overwhelming, and sometimes downright scary. But at Choice One we take the challenge of change and create opportunities to learn, push ourselves to adapt, and make every effort to be flexible.


Of course, we also try to remember that overwhelming, scary changes can lead to luxuries like Diaper Genies and wipe warmers. And who doesn’t want a clean, tidy nursery and a toasty rear end?