Holiday Letter

Holiday Letter

“Kaye, get back here, we’ve got a Mindset for you.”
– Various

Dear family and friends,

Happy holidays! As the year ends, we just wanted to send a letter telling you all how things have been going in the Choice One household this year. We’ve certainly been busy, as evidenced by all the the gag gifts we happily shared (pictured above).

One of our newest additions to the family, Nick Selhorst, has almost graduated to a big boy cup. He still tends to spill a lot, though, so we bought him some sippy cups with handles and lids. Our other new addition Megan is still adjusting to our noisy office atmosphere. After some difficulty hearing clients on the phone when the copier is running, Santa bought her some noise-cancelling ear muffs. That way she’ll know it’s Tony from “Maineville” and not Tony from “Mango.”

Jeff Puthoff is really growing up, too. Although he still wears slip-on boots so that no one has to tie his shoelaces for him, he has almost mastered the zipper on his coat. Tony is really getting older, too. Whenever you turn on an LMFAO hip-hop song he toddles around dancing spontaneously. As cute as that is, though, stay out of his way when he throws a tantrum, especially when his coffee machine overflows or a utility truck drives through his soccer field.

Sweet little Mitch is growing up, too. In fact, we caught him repeatedly copying the big kids’ use of foul language (specifically “bullsh#t”) when he and Matt argue about traffic engineering and the best way to do things.

Dan and Ross, a couple of our field survey guys, are getting so big and strong. They actually pulled a door handle right off one of the pick-up trucks the other day! If only they were strong enough to pull Allen’s pocketbook open… we hear he’s REALLY been saving his pennies, so far as putting a padlock on his (rather dusty) wallet!

Well, that’s all the updates we have for you this year. Hope everyone has had a nice holiday. Here’s to an enjoyable 2013!

Yours truly,

Choice One Engineering

P.S. Choice One Engineering will be closed January 1, 2013.