Fun Outside the Box

Fun Outside the Box

“What did we do for entertainment before we hired Brittany?”

– Holly Fannon

Yep, if Brittany dares Kaye, those long, goofy legs WILL fit in a cardboard computer box.


Having fun at work is important to the people at Choice One. We regularly do ridiculous things to make each other laugh, and as Holly has pointed out above, Brittany is no exception. Having fun and enjoying our jobs develops lasting relationships, breaks tension in challenging situations, and helps what could be mundane workdays pass a little more pleasantly. We like to think that the fun we create at the Choice One offices spills over into our relationships with those outside of our organization that we come into contact with.  And hopefully this makes Choice One a more enjoyable company to work with.


Choice One will be without Brittany for the next few months, as she and her husband Mark welcomed their son, Hudson, into their family on February 6. If that means that someone else will have to dare Kaye to fit into a cardboard box, rest assured there will be no lack of available instigators at Choice One.