Brittany Clinehens:
“It’s like sending him off to his first day of school. I’m just so proud!”

It’s official! Brittany is back from maternity leave.

Oh, and we cut the ribbon on our new Indiana office, with Vice President Ryan Lefeld at the helm.

With the opening of the Portland office on Tuesday, Mr. Vice President is going to have a few new opportunities. Obviously, when he leaves his home in St. Henry, Ohio, he’ll need to remember to drive west to Portland and not east to Sidney. He’ll also get to delight in making Brian Schmidt “jealously hungry” each time he visits the Arby’s literally 50 steps from the office door. And of course we’ll assume that he will immediately convert from a devout Browns fan (like Mitch) to an Indianapolis Colts fan. You finally have the chance to root for a winner, Ryan. 

Really, though, Brittany couldn’t be more right–we’re all proud of Ryan’s willingness to lead us green shirts into eastern Indiana. Good luck, Ryan. Don’t forget to double-knot your shoelaces so you don’t trip on the walk to Arby’s, and no matter how tempting, don’t eat any paste.