A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

“What’s the video camera for, Barney? Recording how awesome you are?”

– Brittany Clinehens

Ah, to live a day in the life of Brian “Barney” Barhorst, one of our lead designers–stocking the canteen, baking cookies for the Loveland office, bossing everyone around, and just generally being awesome (obviously)… Sounds pretty cushy, eh?

But stop and consider for a moment: what would a day in the life of Barney, or any Choice One-er, for that matter, REALLY look like? By now you might (correctly) figure it looks something like this:

  1. Put on green shirt.
  2. Drive to work.
  3. NOT eat doughnuts, because Jeff Kunk didn’t bring them. Again.
  4. Joke around with Ryan Francis before he goes out in the field for the day.
  5. Work, work, work.
  6. Drink coffee (as long as Tony has the coffee machine in working order).
  7. Work, work, work.
  8. Argue with Mitch.
  9. Work, work, work.
  10. Giggle when someone injures him/herself (likely Nick Sanders).
  11. Lunch. LUNCH!
  12. Work, work, work.
  13. Nap?! No nap. Darn.
  14. Think about how great lunch was.
  15. Work, work, work.
  16. Avoid Kaye, who’s sneaking around trying to get a Mindset photo without the subject’s consent. (How else do you think she got the shot of Barney above?)
  17. Work, work, work.
  18. Get a snack, and maybe an afternoon coffee.
  19. Work, work, work.
  20. Go home.

Really, we’ve simplified Barney’s day here, because truth be told, Barney works hard (he is the designer behind a great number of our projects and the organizer behind many of our Choice One events). But the real reason Barney is recording himself? To show new employees to brainwash them into total Barney-ization. What the video won’t show? His devious plans to win every Choice One competition (because he bends the rules in his favor) and all of his time thinking about his next visit to a theme park.