“We’re having a costume contest: dress as your kids are dressing for Halloween.”

Jeff Puthoff:
“Mine are dressing as Choice One employees, so I will just wear what I always do.”

Struggling to find the perfect costume for Halloween this year? We have the solution! Our trick-or-treaters Jake and Justin Puthoff  are modeling the hottest costume in 2016: the Choice One Employee.

The costume package includes the following:

  • Green shirt (naturally)
  • Temporary tattoo of the new company logo
  • Choice One branded cell phone with Ohio’s and Indiana’s standard traffic manual apps pre-loaded
  • Lunch money (excluded in Jeff Kunk edition)
  • Green pen (blue ink ONLY, of course)
  • Pocket change for The Canteen

Clearly, the Choice One Employee costume will make you the hit of your Halloween party. So if you’re looking to stand out like an engineer this Halloween (likely in a corner trying to avoid social interaction) pick up the Choice One Employee costume before they’re gone!