Young and Green

Young and Green

Maggie: “This is MY Farmer Jeff.”


Miss Maggie, who is almost three years old, is Jeff Puthoff’s neighbor. Maggie’s backyard faces one of Jeff’s fields, and she enjoys watching Jeff manage his crops next door throughout the year. When offered the opportunity to dress like “Farmer Jeff” for the day (complete with green Choice One shirt and cowboy boots), Maggie eagerly agreed!


Jeff is not the first Choice One celebrity. Engineer Craig Eley is famous at the annual Ohio Transportation Engineer’s Conference and is often caught signing autographs for adoring traffic engineering fans. Engineer Nick Selhorst is still regularly appreciated for his portrayal of National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie on Choice One’s 2017 Christmas card. And who could forget surveyor Dan Perreira’s appearance on a postcard that reached mailboxes in at least 15 Ohio counties?!


Much like surveyor Eric Kuck’s son Owen, Maggie looks pretty adorable in her Choice One gear, and we appreciate her excitement about green (even if it’s just to match “Farmer Jeff”). Maggie, we could use a few more enthusiastic engineers, so keep following in Jeff’s farmer footsteps, and perhaps you’ll become a civil engineer someday, too!


P.S. Watch Facebook and LinkedIn for some up and coming Choice One celebrities from our survey department next week!