Brittany Clinehens:
“How do you adjust signal timings?”

Craig Eley:
“We have special tools: we’re traffic engineers.”



We all know by now that traffic engineers are pretty much superheroes. But now we have learned that not only do they have special brains, but they have special tools, too!


With 30+ years of traffic engineering experience, Craig has been adjusting traffic signal timings for many moons. Considering Craig’s continued enthusiasm for signal timings, which is almost as intense as his enthusiasm for roundabouts, these “special tools” must be pretty high-tech. Maybe a special radar speed detecting gun? An intricate stopwatch with laser beams? A flux capacitor?!


Unless we’re mistaken, based on the photo, the “special tools” needed to adjust signal timings are… hands. So while we know you’re a great traffic engineer, Craig, we’re a little concerned that you’re not very up-to-date on basic human anatomy—most people have hands. However, if you really do use a fancy stopwatch and we come across a box of lasers under your desk, your superhero secret is safe with us.