Well Monitored

Well Monitored

Max Keeley: “I’m going vertical.”

Max is one of our project surveyors, and in true surveyor fashion, three monitors doesn’t feel like enough to view multiple views of research, mapping, and software all at once. So, without having a fourth monitor handy to achieve his desired mega-view, Max got innovative and “went vertical.”

One might wonder, “What do project surveyors do and how could they use four monitors?” Great question.

  1. The first monitor is, of course, for watching the weather. These guys would HATE to send the field surveyors out in bad weather
  2. The second is for Zoom chatting about where they’re all going to lunch together (based on the quality of the cheese, of course).
  3. The third monitor is for shading their eyes from the bright lights.
  4. And finally, the elusive fourth monitor would just be to have one more monitor than anyone else in the office.

All joking aside, our surveyors do a heck of a job developing field survey calculations, easements, right-of-way plans, boundaries, property lines, research, survey crew coordination, topographic surveys, legal descriptions, plats, annexations, subdivision layouts, land title surveys, and the list goes on. Wait… maybe they DO need four monitors?

P.S. Any of this (including having three OR four monitors) sound interesting? Visit our Join the Team page—we’re looking for surveyors!