Wes Goubeaux:
“Destroyed with water leak.”

Remember when Megan gave us all hugs for Christmas in 2013? Well, Wes’s coupon was ruined in a recent water leak. A HUGE disappointment for Wes, we’re sure.

Thankfully, other than the coupon, there wasn’t much permanent water damage. We feel pretty lucky, especially considering the old, priceless treasures we’ve been keeping around here.

  • The oldest item at Steve’s desk, other than Steve himself, is an architect scale he bought in 1967 for high school drafting class.
  • Lexy has kept an old pocket reference book that she inherited from whomever previously sat at her desk. You know, just in case she needs to look up the area code of the Caribbean island of Montserrat or how to convert butts to bushels.*
  • Both Tyler Thobe and Brian Schmidt have the same hydraulic slide rule dated 1987. This is interesting because 1) their desks are about 100 miles apart, and 2) that slide rule is three years older than Tyler.
  • Brian Barhorst and Jeff Kunk annually share displaying a 1997 USSSA Softball Trophy from the glory days of the Choice One-sponsored softball team. 2019 is Kunk’s year to feature it on his desk, in case you were wondering.


Despite the coupon being old and damaged, Megan told Wes the offer for a hug was always valid. Yet as an honest gentleman, Wes didn’t want to take advantage of a potentially questionable coupon. Don’t worry Megan—we’re sure Wes wants a hug… why else was he hanging on to a six-year-old coupon?

*And because you probably want to know, 1 butt = 13.54 bushels.