Talk To Me, Goose

Talk To Me, Goose

Kyle Siegrist:
“To be clear… I can grow a mustache, it is just very blonde and thin.”


Do you feel the need? The need for …a thin blonde mustache?

If that statement makes no sense to you, it’s probably because you haven’t seen the 2018 Sidney Choice One Charity Cup Invite. If you can’t tell from the invitation, this year’s theme is all the US Navy F-14s, volleyball on the beach, mirrored aviator fun from the 1986 movie Top Gun you can handle. Designer Kyle Siegrist is our resident “Goose” on the invite. Just without the mustache part…

Kyle, maybe your lack of a Goose-style mustache is due to the fact that you weren’t yet born in the height of the Top Gun era. But it’s ok, you were born in a MUCH better year: 1994. You know, the year Choice One Engineering was founded. Good things clearly come from the year 1994, so we know that despite his lack of facial hair in the upper lip-ular area, Kyle is still one of “the best of the best,” like the pilots from Top Gun.

So if you’re not busy on March 28, and don’t mind getting the song “Danger Zone” stuck in your head, come out to the Sidney Charity Cup. We can’t promise our version of Goose will have a mustache, but we’re pretty sure we can promise good food, good competition, a good cause, and a lot of Top Fun!