Stand-Up Guy

Stand-Up Guy

Brad Walterbusch:
“Does this count as standing?”

Remember how Kyle claimed he used his stand up desk “all them time?” Well, Brad captured photographic proof that Kyle’s data may be misrepresented.

Kyle had a reason for working like this, but no one can remember. So let’s guess!

  • Coming to terms with the Schmidty’d up plan review from Jeff Puthoff.
  • Hiding his face so his crazed fans don’t recognize him since the huge success of his music video a couple of years back.
  • Literally ducking out of the typical office sports talk.
  • Resting his shoulders after cotton ball shotput practice.
  • Seeing if his moustache fell on the ground.
  • His turn to count in the game of hide-n-seek.

Whatever the reason, we’re not sure if this counts as standing or sitting. What we can quantify is Kaye’s confusion—that is pretty obvious. Regardless, at the end of the day, Kyle is a real stand-up guy, whether he’s photographed that way or not!