Some to Spare

Some to Spare

Nick Selhorst:
“Zach, you left your UD Flyers cup here in Loveland. I took care of it for you.”

Nick, an Ohio State grad, sure was kind to help Sidney-based Zach when he [gasp!forgot something at the Loveland office last week. Nick’s offer to “take care of” the cup wasn’t too alarming to Zach—he keeps a few* spares around the office.

We keep spares of lots of things around Choice One (sledgehammersglassesCarays, etc.). And really, can one have too much of a good thing (despite Nick’s opinion of UD)? We’re pretty sure there can never be too many roundaboutsbright lights, or Choice One green pens. And no way can we ever have too much Skyline Chilihugging, or fun.

All that said, we could use a couple of extra engineers and surveyors these days (apply!). And although Jeff Kunk finally bought, we will always accept spare doughnuts, pizza, or cookies. So Zach, if you don’t mind, please stop amassing UD Flyer cups and instead stock up on a few more Jeffs and a perhaps some tasty snacks to share.

*Despite leaving a cup
in Loveland, Zach still
had this many UD Flyer
cups to take home at once.