Remote Control

Remote Control

Jake Cordonnier:
“The strangest thing I’ve watched while home? The European Tram Driving Championships. Belgium won in a nail-biter.”

We couldn’t let the current remote working environment pass by without commenting in a Choice Mindset. So here are a few of our collective favorite and least favorite parts about working from home.

The best parts of working from home:

  • Sweatpants!
  • I get to turn up the heat so I can actually feel my fingers and not get yelled at by Brian Barhorst (until my dad gets home and yells at me). I guess that makes Brian my work dad…
  • No Cincinnati traffic and being 13 steps from my family all day…


The worst parts of working from home:

  • …being 13 steps from my family all day.
  • My new coworkers argue and fight MUCH more, although my new coworkers only cry SLIGHTLY more than my Choice One coworkers.
  • I had to re-paint the inside of my house green just to get in the spirit of it.


What do you miss most about the office?

  • Dane complaining when John Denver is played over the office sound system every single morning between 8:34 and 8:37am.
  • No pop-a-shot game of P-I-G during lunch.
  • Free Flaming Hot Cheetos and Funyuns from The Canteen. Oh, and my coworkers.


Yeah, we kinda miss each other. So much so that you’ll notice that we’re all wearing green in the online, Brady Bunch-esc meeting above and NOBODY TOLD US TO. We just do that. We can’t help ourselves!

Stay safe and healthy all!