Put ‘Em Up!

Put ‘Em Up!

(via email)
Tony Schroeder: On a side note, Lonnie Cain came up to me at [soccer] practice last night and was laughing about how excited Tricia got; He gave me all these ideas on how to defend myself if she showed up at Lehman.

Tricia Bishop, ODOT DIST. 7: Like I told Lonnie – you name the parking lot!… I’m still scrappy!

Matt Parrill, ODOT DIST. 7: My money is on Tricia in a cage match!

Tony: First of all, I am hurt that no one has any confidence in me. Second of all, I wouldn’t ever get in a cage with Tricia, I need a place to run. Maybe that’s why no one has confidence in me.

We don’t know who to put our money on in a fight between Tony and Tricia, although Tricia might be the best bet. Tricia Bishop, the Environmental Coordinator at ODOT District 7, loves her work, and it shows–she is passionate, dedicated, and, in her words, “scrappy.” Once, after a particularly exciting public meeting, she told Tony that she was energized by the public’s zealous participation in the project. Tony, on the other hand, felt that the meeting was two hours of “sheer terror.” Watch out, Tony, she seems pretty fearless.

As our courageous leader, there are a few things we would not want to challenge Tony in: soccer, cycling, Nerf gun wars… But there are a few things we would be willing to challenge him on: sand volleyball, reading small print, plumbing

In all sincerity, though, we’d put our money behind Tony for just about anything–he’s helped to keep us going in the right direction for almost 20 years. Still, Tricia seems like a formidable opponent, so we’ll try to keep Tony on her good side. Or at least sell tickets to the cage match at a fair price.