Jessica Minesinger, Troy Land Development, Inc.:

“Is Tony like Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s?” You just pose him in photos occasionally?”

We’ve touched on the fact that retired Choice One-ian Tom Coverstone can never catch Tony in the office. Apparently developer Jessica Minesinger has the same problem.

These days, it may seem like Tony is like the Queen of England: just a ceremonial figurehead (not to mention equally as old…). He shows up for ribbon-cuttings, co-op Welcome Lunches (as long as Subway is being served) and when it’s time to put the hammer down at Company Meeting quiz time. But don’t be fooled. Unlike Bernie, Tony is alive and well, passionately leading Choice One towards happy clients, happy employees, and better lives all around. In fact, Tony is SO intuitive about making lives better, he knows that best way he can make our lives WAY better at Choice One is to simply leave the office!

Tony is happy to pose for photos even as goofy as the one above. We didn’t even have to offer a decaf hazelnut coffee bribery. Although, to make sure he looked a little more like Bernie from the movie, we did consider knocking him out. But that would have kept him in the office–even unconscious–for far too long.