Brian Barhorst

Finding joy in seeing a project come to life off a paper design is what excites design Brian Barhorst. Often, as he is driving with his wife Chris and kids Carly, Danielle, Bryce, and Lily to an event involving one the kids, Brian has been known to take “minor” detours to visit a project the Choice One team has designed.  This gives Brian a chance to see how construction is going and how well the project was designed, or if there are minor modifications to make on the next project for a betterment of ourclients’ communities. Thankfully his family has stopped being annoyed by the frequent stops. However, his daughter does like to pick on him when driving down Interstate 75 through the Dayton area. She keeps asking when Choice One is going to fix the road at mile marker 58 where apparently they “NEEDMORE ROAD.”  Some day we will….