Not Average

Not Average

I don’t buy it–using simple math.

18 acres of pizza = 112,907,520 square inches of pizza. I think Choice One could easily do 1/80000 of that themselves (five and a half 18” pizzas), which is approximately 1,411 square inches of pizza.

At 12:31pm on October 13th [2011], the U.S. population is 312,414,653. At 12:31 pm on October 13th [2011], the Choice One Engineering population is approximately 24. Choice One can eat approximately 59 square inches of pizza per person per day.

For America to eat 18 acres of pizza a day, that requires each person to eat 0.36 square inches of pizza. This means that the average American eats 1/164 the amount of pizza that Choice One People do in one day.

Thus, the 18-acre number is way too low. If they all ate as much as we do, America would eat 2,939 acres of pizza per day.

Just one more stat proving America is going weak. Another way to look at this is that Choice One people are 164 times better than the average American.”

–Matt Hoying


We’re not sure what we can add here that Matt hasn’t already asserted. Leave it to an nerdy engineer to dissect a random comment and analyze it to a fraction equaling 0.0060975609756098.

Maybe the lesson here is “check your facts,” or “don’t assume an average,” especially if you’re dealing with a geeky engineer. For us, the lesson is obviously “find more constructive work for Matt to do.” (Although in reality, Matt will get his constructive work done and still help Michael and Mitch make $15 of pizza money change with two five-dollar bills before they come to blows.)