More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye

Craig Eley:
“I feel like a Transformer.”

We got a new fridge in our Sidney office, and that meant the old fridge went to live elsewhere. Craig Eley, “helping” with the move, just sort of wandered around holding the freezer door panel, looking rather robot-like.

Speaking of Transformers, what vehicles would the Choice One-bots convert into?

  • Nick Selhorst would be a Ford Focus just like his Choice One car.
  • Ryan Bruns would opt for a Blackhawk helicopter, but at his height, we think he’d better fold into a Reliant Robin.
  • Craig Frilling would, without hesitation, be his sweet 1989 GMC Safari van.
  • Matt Hoying would be the A-Team van. The humanoid version would clearly need a mohawk like B.A. Baracus. Hey, let’s shave your head today, Matt!


We’re guessing that Craig’s Transformer vehicle of choice would not be “Stainless Steel Refrigerator-mobile.” Indeed, he would prefer to be Cadillac Eldorado. However, because he has a few grey hairs, we’re guessing he’d probably actually transform into Dino-bot. Either way, he’s a classic!