Merry…New Year’s?

Merry…New Year’s?

Nick “NNS” Selhorst:
“…do a system’s view on subdivisions before New Year’s. I just realized I spelled ‘New Year’s’ wrong.”

We like to rise to the challenge of tight timelines, but when addressing the company at a recent off-site assembly, Nick realized he had overshot his amount of availability and “misspelled” his self-imposed deadline. Kind of surprising, really, because Nick is an above-average speller…

Sometimes spelling doesn’t come easy–just ask Tony. Indeed, there are a few other everyday experiences we at Choice One have a hard time with:

  • Wes Goubeaux isn’t good at hugs.
  • Tyler Thobe has a hard time being near breakfast cereal. (In truth, he can practically be chased with a box of Fruit Loops.)
  • Jeff Kunk has a hard time buying doughnuts.
  • Mike Goettemoeller refuses to try Pop-Tarts other than Cinnamon Brown Sugar. (At least you’re eating “healthy,” Mike.)
  • Jeff Puthoff won’t wear a red shirt. Ever.

Yet thankfully, one thing does come easy for all of us at Choice One: we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to sharing our unique brand of Choice One cheer in 2017.