Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Holly Fannon:
“Today is Hug Your Boss Day, Megan.”

Tony Schroeder:
“Good thing we go by ‘leaders’ here and not ‘bosses.’ I would hug you, Megan, if it was Hug Your Leaders Day.”

It’s true, we don’t have “bosses” at Choice One. We are all “leaders” rather than “bosses” for lots of reasons. Being bossy conjures images of Lucy from Peanuts pulling the football out from under Charlie Brown, while being a leader conjures images of George Washington (wearing green in our imaginations, of course) crossing the Potomac.

Ok, so for real, we really do work hard to create a company of leaders and not bosses. Craig Eley leads in electrical engineering, traffic and safety studies, and conveniently forgetting his wallet when it’s time for lunch. And Megan leads on topics like construction bidding procedures, processes, and random bags of Doritos, which earns her hugs from loyal followers like Michael Seeger and Brian Barhorst (not even on Hug Your Leader Day, ahem, Tony).

Yet in closing, we must concede that the word “boss” has it’s uses. For instance, it’s helpful when discussing Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazardor when referring to the Pointy-Haired Boss in  Dilbert cartoons that pick on Wes Goubeaux. And, of course, when trying to trick Tony into a hug he’d rather avoid.