Three Little Words

Three Little Words

Brian Schmidt:
“I wonder if the three words ‘Choice One Engineering’ are as meaningful?”

Let’s see, at first glance, the one direct correlation we can pinpoint between chocolate chunk cookies and Choice One Engineering is that we’re both full of sugar.

When engineer Brian Schmidt saw these three words on the wall at a Penn Station restaurant, we’re pretty sure they made him happy. That got us thinking: what three words bring us happiness at Choice One?

  • Free lunch included.
  • Just made coffee.
  • Green version available.
  • Kunk bought doughnuts.*
  • Roundabout option selected.
  • Beer’s on Mitch.
  • Cleveland Browns win.*
  • Bathroom is open.
  • Rock, paper, scissors
  • Canteen’s free today.*
  • Pockets are back!*

As Brian has implied, we hope that the three words “Choice One Engineering” bring happiness to others (or at least a smile from time to time). And no matter the three-word phrase on the wall, Brian should bring back cookies from Penn Station for the rest of us for fear that we use another three-word phrase: “Typical Kunk move.”

*Could bring happiness, if it ever actually happened.