Just Felt Like Running

Just Felt Like Running

Wes Goubeaux: “When’s the last time anyone’s seen Greg run?”

Jeff Kunk: “When he broke his leg.”

Kaye Borchers: “Gym class.”

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Not everyone enjoys running. Jeff Puthoff has been known to call running “boring,” much like baseball. Based on the fact that few of us have seen Greg run, one could assume that Greg finds it boring, too. Kaye would know: of all Choice One-ians, she’s known Greg the longest: they were classmates for 13 years in Fort Loramie Schools.

It’s nice to work with someone you’ve known your whole life. You know their family, history, likes, dislikes, etc. For instance…

  • Greg knows that Kaye had a passion for horses and unicorns in elementary school. Kaye knows that Greg had a passion for Reba McEntire.
  • Greg remembers Kaye before braces and Lasik. Let’s just say thank goodness for orthodontia.
  • Kaye remembers embarrassing things Greg has done. Like hitting a raised manhole in his parents’ backyard with his car, deploying the airbag. That manhole has always been there, Greg. It’s still there–Kaye now lives next door to Greg’s parents and can confirm that she laughs every time she sees it.

While they have some different interests (Kaye enjoys running, while, based on his frequency, we’ll assume Greg doesn’t), Greg and Kaye get along. There’s obviously way too much dirt they could dish on each other should one decide to turn on the other. So Greg, no need to pull out any big-glasses-and-crooked-teeth photos of Kaye. And Kaye, no need to get out the photos of Greg wearing his Reba shirt every week in sixth grade.