Jeff Puthoff:
“I think we should require every employee to get a new Choice One logo tattoo. That’s real ‘branding.’”

Coming to a green shirt near you: the new Choice One logo! Our awesomely talented graphic designer Kecia (above, with Jeff) has been working to update our logo to be a little more readable and a lot more, well, Choice One. What do you think?

Believe it or not, it’s been ten years since we last tweaked our logo. So ten years ago, in 2006…

  • The one billionth song was purchased from iTunes. Don’t worry Nick Sanders, it was not Kenny Rogers’s Lady—that’s just been played one billion times at Choice One, just for you.
  • We hosted the first cornhole-centered Choice One Charity Cup. You’re welcome for not having to see us un-athletic “clowns” like Jeff Puthoff trip over their big feet on the golf course anymore.
  • Portland engineer Ryan Lefeld played football for St. Henry in the Division V 2006 State Championship. Even in high school Ryan was far more successful at football in 2006 than his beloved 4-and-12 Cleveland Browns.

In 2026 we might look back at this logo change and fondly remember that it was the year of the new refrigerator, Flat Tony, and how we still only had two bathrooms. At least we hope we have another bathroom by then… However, we think we can predict two things: Kecia will still be awesome, and our shirts will still be green.