“I Was in the Pool!”

“I Was in the Pool!”

“There is rarely an event at Choice One that doesn’t correspond to an event in an episode of Seinfeld.”

-Kaye Borchers


Whether you’ve seen or you like Seinfeld or not, we feel that the premise that “it’s a show about nothing” is not quite accurate. To us here at Choice One, it’s really a show about mundane, everyday life situations (don’t we all know a local version of the Soup Nazi?) spiced up by fairly typical people responding hilariously to mundane, everyday life situations. And while the characters on Seinfeld are perhaps a little over the top, who doesn’t know a few Kramers that turn out to be dear friends? (Indeed, there are many Kramers” here at Choice One…)

Mundane, everyday life happens, but how we respond to it is what makes it enjoyable, comical, and entertaining. Choice One folks work at surveying and engineering, sure, but we also work at having a good time with fellow employees and clients. We’re pretty sure this shows up in our work relationships, these Choice Mindsets, and ridiculous events such as Nick eating a Snickers with a knife and fork. “I’m eating my dessert. How do you eat it? With your hands?”

Choice One may not be an apartment in New York City, but trust us, “it wasn’t a pick; it was a scratch!”

[Don’t remember the Snicker’s episode or aren’t familiar with the show? See the highlights here.]