I Scream, You Scream

I Scream, You Scream

“One of the benefits of riding a bicycle for 15 minutes as fast as physically possible is that we will get to enjoy ice cream, right Nick Selhorst?”
– Michael Seeger

Nick Selhorst eating ice cream.

This weekend, the Choice One crew will be participating in the Cincinnati area Race to Anyplace, a fundraiser that benefits the Tri-State Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For those not familiar with this event, it involves riding a stationary bicycle as fast as possible in 15-minute shifts. For each mile ridden, participating teams—Choice One’s “Wheels of ONEder” included—collect donations.

For some crazy people (ahem…Tony and Kaye), having a crowd watch as we thrash about awkwardly on a bike sounds like a blast. (Although Kaye can’t help being awkward on or off a bike.) But all of us are more than willing to make the sweat fly for such a great cause. The complimentary bagels, pizza, sandwiches, chili soup, Mt. Dew, and ice cream are just gravy. Or sprinkles.

Considering the high likelihood of overworked legs, sore butts, and hastily consumed ice cream, we expect plenty of aches resulting from the Race to Anyplace on Saturday. Most importantly, we expect a successful fundraising event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, not to mention plenty of laughter. Good luck to all of the teams participating—if there were dust in the Mason Community Center, our inexperienced riders might be left in it!

*Speaking of fundraising, all are invited to our annual Charity Cup on March 25, which benefits a really fantastic organization called the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association. And since WE make the rules at this fundraising event, we get to watch everyone ELSE thrash about awkwardly as they attempt to play cornhole backwards, with their eyes closed, on one foot. This year’s event is themed “Choice One Under the Big Top,” and it promises not only to benefit a great cause, but also to provide a circus full of Choice One clowning around.