Charged Up and Ready for Life!

Charged Up and Ready for Life!

“[Mark] wants to help a dad be able to be a dad.”
Jenny Goubeaux, Brian Goubeaux’s wife

We hope you don’t mind the lack of silliness today, but we have something more powerful on our minds. Right now, literally as you may be reading this, Choice One’s Brian “Goub” Goubeaux (right photo, on left) is receiving an incredible gift from a complete stranger: a kidney. Moreover, Brian is regaining the ability to be a father to those three smiling little Goubeauxs above (left to right that’s Jaci, Toby, and Cole).

Some time ago, Brian discovered his kidneys were failing. His only option was to receive a new kidney, and the waiting list is years long—too long for his condition. But a complete stranger named Mark (far right, above) saw Brian’s story and was compelled to respond because, as Brian’s wife Jenny paraphrases it “ [Mark] wants to give Brian his life back… He wants to help a dad be able to be a dad.”

From all of us at Choice One, thank you, Mark, for your remarkable, selfless gift. Without a healthy Goub around Choice One, we wouldn’t have a Steelers fan to grumble about, we’d forget how to push Ctl + Alt + Delete to fix our computers, and we’d be sorely missing a warm smile, an easygoing chuckle, and a helpful heart.

Toby, Cole, and Jaci supporting Daddy and Mark last night.

If you want to pass along a message to Brian, Mark, and their families, please feel free to reply this email or post on Choice One’s Facebook page and we’ll be sure that he gets it (we’ll be updating Facebook with Brian’s progress, too). And if you still have a couple more seconds, here are some more words of appreciation from the Goubeaux family over the past few months.

“Thank you God for hearing our prayers: we officially have a donor and he has been cleared for surgery! We are so blessed to have Brian’s donor become a part of our life. He and his wife saw our story and wanted to help. He went to church and prayed about our situation and knew that he could help Brian. We have never met this family, but he still felt the need to help. He wants to help a dad be able to be a dad. He wants to give Brian his life back, all because of his love for God. We are blessed to be on this journey with this very special family who, because of a love of God that we share, has now become a part of us and our family. We will be forever grateful for him and his family and will never know how to show them how thankful we are. God bless them for changing our life! We are also blessed for our family and friends for their support, love, and prayers. Please pray for Brian and Mark as they are having surgery Friday! God is good!”