Finding the Right Words

Finding the Right Words

Craig Frilling: “I speak my own language: Frillanese.”


There’s never a dull moment with Field Surveyor Craig “Frizz” Frilling around. Whether bad (the survey truck gets stuck) or good (he’s serving up his famous BBQ chicken), Craig always has a way of improving a situation with his unique way with words.

While Frizz hasn’t provided us a Frillanese-to-English translation dictionary yet, the following are terms that might be included in Craig’s personal language based on past events.

  • Water-fall: Frillanese term meaning “drawn to the water.” Craig is always finding puddles, mud, creeks, and ponds to lose a boot or cool off in, even when it’s not hot.
  • Cover your ears!: Frillanese term meaning “listen to her purr.” Craig is still waking up the neighbors starting up his classic 1989 GMC Safari van, which is still [barely] running!
  • S’up?: Frillanese term meaning “Frizz is in da house!” Craig certainly has a way to make something slightly dreaded a little more enjoyable or flash a smile to brighten our days.
  • Frizz-ability: Frillanese term meaning “willingness to help.” Craig is always lending a hand, and he’s often first to show up when help is needed.

Really, without Craig’s Frizz-ability, Choice One wouldn’t be the same. Not only would the rest of us have to lift more awkward, heavy things alone, shovel more sidewalks, and eat sub-par chicken at company picnics, we’d be without Craig’s sense of humor and bigheartedness, too. Thanks Craig, for making Choice One a Frizz-tastic place to be!