Aim High

Aim High

Brittany Clinehens:
“We have two VERY happy, NEW Professional Engineers! They obviously did better on the exam than on this high five.”


Earlier this summer, Choice One’s Tyler Thobe and Luke Hemmelgarn passed their P.E. exams and became full-fledged, stamp-carrying, plan-signing Professional Engineers. While they obviously rocked the exam, they clearly fumbled on the celebratory high-five.

Now that Tyler and Luke have joined the ranks of P.E.s at Choice One, they get to enjoy what others at Choice One consider the best parts of being a P.E., such as…

  • The joy of signing their names really fast and sloppy. (Ok, so maybe nothing’s changed there.)
  • Friends thinking they have become Physical Education teachers, and therefore getting to debate the competitive nature of dodgeball, kickball, and teenage body odor.
  • A legit reason to practice jumping high fives.


Welcome to the P.E. club, Tyler and Luke. May your pens always be blue (with pockets to put them in), may your calculator’s battery never die, and may you have better high-five aim in the future!