“What’s a hashtag? Something on Tweeter?”
– Brian Barhorst


It’s Christmastime here at Choice One, and that means preparing holiday gifts, putting up the office Christmas tree, and legendary Signing of the Christmas Cards. You see, all six hundred-some cards require an original signature from each of the 32 Choice Oners. Per person, this amounts to about 30 minutes of actual signing and about 30 hours analyzing the signing.

This year’s card includes a few festive hashtags. Clearly, Brian Barhorst is not overly familiar with the hashtag phenomenon, nor is he familiar with that new-fangled “Tweeter” social networking service. It might not be a surprise, then, that we have a few other technology-unaware people around here. For instance, Tony likes to get on his “texting machine” to send messages. Sometimes he’s even adept enough to (accidentally?) include an emoji*.

Thankfully, it only takes a simple Sharpie for Tony and everyone else to sign the Christmas cards. But even without technology, we still find ways to lovingly give each other a hard time during the Signing of the Christmas Cards. Like when someone doesn’t sign the card per the instructions (ahem… Dan Perreira). As Greg remarked: “Perhaps Dan’s hashtag should have been ‘does not follow directions.'” But don’t worry Dan, Brian Barhorst will have no idea how to find ANY hashtags referring to you on “Tweeter.”

* That’s a smiley face and the like, Tony.