Kaye Borchers:
“I feel like we should be able to get some kind of two-for-one discount here…”


Welcome to this week’s episode of General Hospital… er, Choice Mindsets. With three bum shoulders and one broken heel in the house*,  it’s clear we’ve really taken this Choice One “work as a unified team” mentality to another level. Unfortunately, their respective surgeons don’t have the same “one team” mindset: none of them accepted our “Buy Two Surgeries Get One Free” punch card.


Two-for-ones are a real thing at Choice One for reasons other than surgery. For every one computer, most of us have two (or even four) monitors. We pay for one snack in the Canteen and take two (merely to thwart Barney’s vacation fund). And for every one Jeff, Brian, Michael, or Ryan around here, we have at least two more.


Regardless of the fact that none of our coworkers got their surgery for free, we are glad they are all physically repaired. Although we’ll miss Andy zooming up and down the hall on his scooter, we’re hoping that we’ll see at least two less slings for one less knee scooter in the office in a few weeks. And that’s the two-for-one that everyone can honor!


*Pictured left to right are Caray Schmiesing (shoulder surgery), Andy Shuman (heel surgery), Kaye’s husband Neil Borchers (shoulder surgery), and Matt Hoying (shoulder surgery).