And the Award Goes To…

And the Award Goes To…

The First Annual ONEsie Awards:
“Couldn’t Break a Habit: Brian Goubeaux”

It’s New Year’s Eve, and if you’re working today, you might be looking for some kind of distraction. So, here you go.

This year, Choice One celebrated the end of 2021 with some unique “awards” acknowledging the laughs we’ve had over the past 12 months. One honorable mention was a goof from a Choice One company meeting quiz, as Brian Goubeaux just couldn’t help but identify himself. Other “winners” included the rookie mistake of getting locked out on the fenced patio, getting trucks stuck in the mud, and general embarrassments like falling down or getting repeatedly scared.

Speaking of getting scared, the ONEsie of the Year went to our official social media team and unofficial office scare team of Brittany, Megan, and Sammy, who collaborated for the delightful Choice One Scare-tober video. Congrats, ladies—we hope you were the ones surprised this time!

Happy New Year all. Now back to work!