A Red Letter Day

A Red Letter Day

Kaye Borchers:
“Bruce, we gave you red so you can spill ketchup and no one will ever know.”

Last week was the annual Sidney Choice One Charity Cup featuring friendly competition amongst our clients and friends. Jackson Center’s Bruce Metz (above right) gave us a hard time because he thought his team of JC Tigers should have orange shirts, not red. But given Bruce’s sense of humor regarding ketchup spills, we thought red was more appropriate.

Regardless of his shirt color, Bruce and his team were not the victors at this year’s event. And while Cynthian Township took home the bucketball trophy (pictured below), the best win of the evening was raising over $7,500 for the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association and Ronald McDonald House Charities because of the generosity of all who attended! THANK YOU for your participation, enthusiasm, and most of all, the impact you’ve made on these fantastic organizations!

Bruce, better luck next year, both on the shirt color and the tournament. We can definitely be bribed for the assignment of shirt color, but we can’t help you with any bucketball skills. Please know that even without a tournament win, the contributions from all during the event will be winning lots of smiles from lots of deserving families very soon!

Sidney Charity Cup Champs from Cynthian Township, Shelby County (l-r):
Rob Siegel, Aaron Frilling, Jenny Frilling, and Choice One’s Dan Perreira.